Marine Corps Wives INTRO

This blog/journal is a joing collaboration of military wives written specifically for those who want to learn a bit about the lifestyle of real #MarineCorpswives, our daily routines, and how we make it through from the start of the Marine Corps career through the end. The intent for this blog to be inspirational, funny and a guide to those women who will soon go through or are who are going through this chosen way of life. There are some very awesome blogs, books and websites out there but not everyones story is quite the same so hopefully I can help what seems to be a bit of a void.

Civilians with no military background are always inquiring about the way we live. Hopefully I am able to help those as well.  I am only human and not a professional researcher in all things Marine Corps every second of the day so if and when I make an error please let me know; there are constant changes to policies and standards with the Marine Corps in which I may not always be aware of.

Marine Corps, Army, Navy, Air Force, National Guard, Coast Guard and reservists all have different jobs which branch off into a hierarchy of positions and support staff. Depending on which branch you are in you will experience at times similar but also very different lives loving a service member. For fiancée’s you will be marrying into this lifestyle and attached to it in more ways than one whether you like it or not.  You’re everyday schedule, holiday planning, anniversaries, birthdays, vacations; ect will all work around the Marine Corps schedule and not your own to an extent.  I wasn’t very fond of it at the beginning but have learned to embrace it and that being “Semper Gumby” isn’t so bad after all.

Being the people person I am & helping out my husband’s unit has afforded me the privilege to be motivated by wives who have been there and done that already. I have met some amazing Marine Corps wives along this journey. They’ve taught me that being a Marine Corps wife in 2010 is nowhere near as challenging as ten years ago or longer. Through their stories I’ve acquired the knowledge and ability to basically roll with the punches, go with the flow, be thankful and grateful and just suck it up. There are very good and even some very bad times throughout this voyage but we have to be strong and able to overcome any obstacles that come our way. If there is anyone out there who is in need of #MarineCorpswive information, a little thicker skin, shoulder to lean on or to learn from you have come to the right place.


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