Circle of trust friends…Angela, Gaby and Jackie…

 Right after the MEU left, things were coming at a steady and constant pace for me. I felt more confident & acclimated for the most part to my immediate surroundings and even a bit of the San Diego area.  I had attended a (Intro to Marine Wife Life class aka) L.I.N.K.S class, FRA (Family Readiness Assistant) training, FRA-OMBUDSMEN volunteer recognition luncheon, LES Seminar (to enhance leadership skills) and started the girls in school and baseball. I had also made many new friends! 
I believe Angela came first. Her husband and I worked together since he was on the RBE (Remain behind Element) which supported the Marines on the MEU from the command post on base here. She is a FRA for her husband’s company and even though I had seen her before in the FRO’s office we hadn’t really hung out just yet. We eventually grew on each other and it came in handy because we could brainstorm on Family Readiness ideas, events, meetings, resources, ect. to help our families before, during and after the deployment. Angela grew on me so much she is now part of our very small group of people we call our family. I know I can go to her for anything and she’ll help me get through it. The same rule goes for her or anyone else in my Marine Corps family. We love learning new things, are both trying to better ourselves through continuing our education and love to volunteer. Angela is a native Northern Californian who has a bloodline a lot like my Heinz 57 version; she’s mixed with a little of everything. LOL! She’s a very beautiful young lady who has a heart of gold, is patient, kind and understanding. We’ve been through so much together and it’s only strengthened our friendship.

miss angela

Before I even got to meet Gaby our husbands had come up with a plan! They got us basically to agree to a food swap. She would provide some homemade tamales for my husband and I would make a homemade cheesecake for hers. Our husbands both love the others cooking! HILARIOUS!  Needless to say our husbands were in the same company and very good friends. Sometimes a similarity doesn’t always mean the wives will get along at all but in this case it did. LOL!  She is another Native Californian who has a big heart, loves to travel and is very wise beyond her years. Sometimes I feel like she’s more of a friend to me than I am for her but I love having her around! She accepted my silly southern ways and analogies for what they are and has always been willing to be there for us. The first day I met her watched New Moon with me on the opening day. We talked for over an hour after the movie and found out we have quite a bit in common because our husbands are a lot alike and so are we. We both love shopping except for clothes for ourselves. During the MEU deployment we became quite close and to the point that we went to lunch regularly, planned dinners to pass the time and discussed the Marine Corps life over wine a time or two. LOL! To this day she still comes to my rescue! By the way if you’re ever looking for a good red wine that’s sweet like a dessert wine it would be Stella Rosa! THANK YOU GABY!

gaby & I

Jackie and I met because our husbands work together as well. They have been together almost from being assigned to their unit and have so many common bonds. Jackie is a uniquely gut busting hilarious lovely young lady who’s from the Hill Country in Texas. She is an international traveler, loves to laugh and is on her way to become a very talented cook!  There are so many Jackie jokes I have to tell on here it is so important. Jackie has a funny way of telling jokes and not knowing they are jokes until we’re laughing at what she said, she’s catching on though now and I told her to have her husband write some down for us to go up on here. She hasn’t been here a year yet but has caught on well and very fast to the lifestyle here.

The San Miguels & us

Best part of this whole crazy situation is we try and get together often for dinner parties which of course includes all 4 families with our kids. Its an exclusive circle not unlike Meet the Fockers circle of trust.  It can be hectic but is always a good time.  We always have good food, lots of laugh and of course good company! I love these ladies to death and couldn’t think of anyone else to have as long time friends! I hope that we will be friends forever and stay in touch no matter where we are in or out of the country.

Jackie, Angela & me

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