One of my favorite organizations around Southern California!  It has nothing to do the YMCA really, there are gym or no free gym memberships through this organization. (By the way the ‘field houses’ aka gyms on base are outstanding and offer free personal trainers & group exercise classes)
Enjoy looking through all of the awesome events! We’ve participated in ASYMCA day event & camps on base, sailing summer camps, summer horse camps, comedy club tickets, sports ticket giveaways, free dinners at OutBack Steakhouse, ect and all for FREE.  They’ve given my girls every opportunity possible & I’m glad they’re growing up with such an amazing organization supporting military families!
“Since 1942, it has been the ASYMCA’s mission to enhance the lives of Camp Pendleton Marines, Sailors, and their families by offering programs and services that focus upon Spirit, Mind, and Body. This philosophy strengthens families and encourages individuals to achieve their full potential. The ASYMCA works collaboratively with all Camp Pendleton commands to identify avenues of service for active duty personnel and their families which are not resident within the base’s existing functions and organizations. “– from their website…
There are different chapters of the ASYMCA (Armed Services YMCA) depending on which state you are in and base you are on or closest to. With that said there are many different programs and services that the ASYMCA’s may or may not all have; it all depends on the sponsors and communities in the area.
Some of the programs they offer are assisting with grade school child mentoring, childcare and toddler programs, transportation programs, junior enlisted families seeking leisure and family time. I’ve seen chapters that give away sporting event tickets, Father-Daughter Dances, and even family camps.
Our ASYMCA has a Ball Gown giveaway (which ladies line up sometimes two days before to pick out a free Gown for the Ball) as well as a Free Bicycle similar to the above Giveaway. They also sponsor the Operation Appreciation which is a huge event on Armed Forces Day on the beach. This is a great day for all since all service members get free food, entertainment, activities and carnival rides! I also sign my girls up for summer camp during this day as well! Secret Santa is a program specifically designed to provide assistance for E5 and below with children. This is another really great program.
Most if not all of the chapters have their own websites, twitters and Facebook pages. After registering to become members or liking their sites they can all keep you up to date on all events and special programs going on.

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