Anthony’s injury update…

Physical recovery is hard but acceptance and overcoming obstacles in the aftermath is the greatest accomplishment ever!!

Lately it has been a constant battle with not so great news. If it aint one thing its another right? Well I’ve had some recent inspiration in a seemingly neverending dark cloud of crap.

My husband is running…well a slow jog but still!! Holy snikes!! This is what he wanted and because of all the kind thoughts and prayers he is feeling great, has a new brace to assist him in walking and now jogging. There’s still an extremely long road ahead and most of it we can’t even see yet but we’re hopeful. He’s in good spirits and after all of these Marine Corps balls we are motivated and feeling pretty loved. So regardless of all the issues today is amazing and we are inspired…

My mom is here in SoCal, my girls are smiling and my old man and I are happy!!

Moto today!!


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