Crystal’s Thankful Thanksgiving…

This is a really great evening!
The evening before family and friends get together to share each others company and time together is very humbling and a little crazy. It is fun though! I am trying two new recipes to add to my cheesecake collection. One of them will be deluxe pumpkin cheesecake and also a caramel apple cheesecake so we’ll see how they come out tomorrow. 🙂
This time last year Anthony was off on the 11th MEU but I had a full house back here. It was really great everyone coming together despite his absence and showing their love and support. There was lots of food, laughs and wine to go around. This year will be completely different.

My mom is the only one here with us as far as Texas family goes. I’m the baby out of my siblings so she tends to spoil me. She’s so great that she’s left my brothers and sisters back home in Texas now two years in a row to be here with us. Now I know that the weather here in Southern California is better and that’s enough of a good reason to be here but family means quite a bit to us. I am so thankful for her being here not only for myself but everyone in my house. The girls get spoiled and new toys, Anthony gets homemade Southern breakfasts and even Wyatt Earp gets more table scraps than usual! I think she brings us back to reality and centers us as individuals. I know she does. As I write this she is helping Amber play with her brand new FurReal puppy toy and scare the dog, she’s showing Anthony how to get his new coffee pot set up and just enjoying relaxing and being here. I can only aspire to be half the woman and mother she is and always has been. She came to check on all of us.
The last time my mom saw me I had just had surgery, Anthony was coming back from Afghanistan after getting shot and the girls were finishing up summer before school.
Thankfully Anthony is here this year for the holidays for the first time in a few years. We will get to smoke the turkey’s together, continue to teach the girls about the real meaning of the holidays, put up Christmas lights, a real tree and dress the dog up in silly Christmas clothes. I am thankful for everything he has done for our family and will continue to do in the future. There are many families who will not be together, many who can not be together, many who wish to be together but can not.
Cherish the time you do have with you’re family and loved ones. Keep our forward Marines and deployed service members in your thoughts and prayers until they all come home safely! Think of them when you brine your turkey, deep-fry it, fix your appetizers and side dishes then eat the pumpkin pie cheesecake.
They are out there enduring things we can not imagine in the worst places on earth so say a prayer for their safety and speedy return home.I hope everyone has an amazing day and weekend!!! For all of my Black Friday friends and family who are probably not going to sleep at all tonite I wish you happy shopping and hunting!
Get there early friends!!!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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