Books about Military Wives…

So I’ve been reading the latest books out there regarding being married to the military and how to cope with our lives in this environment. All I can say is WOW! There are a few pretty good books out there! Most if not all are just very vague as to simply stating ‘military’ or ‘soldier’ and from their point of view being in just their husbands MOS but still vague and sometimes inaccurate pertaining to the masses. If you or someone you know isn’t aware please inform them that our guys are Marines and NOT soldiers! Depending on how moto your Marine is he may rudely correct the unsuspecting individual of how strongly these men feel about going through the toughest boot camp around and a part of the few and the proud. Marines may be the smallest but have been a part of every major war requiring the strongest punch in the face and show of force for the United States or our allies.
I read where one author told her readers if they have a problem with their husbands pay and he is deployed that they should go to the NMCRS or Army equivalent to get money. My problem with this is that if any problems with pay go on for very long it will be a nightmare to unravel and correct so why wait? You can fix this! It happens and sometimes more than once. Your husbands pay is incorrect, off by a few hundred dollars but if you have pre-planned and gotten the POA’s prior to his deployment like the command instructs you to do so then this is a problem you can handle. Typically it’s just a human error and is pretty easily corrected if you’re close to a base. You’d go in, show them your military ID and POA and they’d check his LES and fix it in order for the following pay to be accurate. In case you don’t have a POA your deployed husband can still fix it but it will just take longer and he’d have to hunt down a location to see the admin about the situation.
One author in particular really had some intense conversations going on in my household due to the choice of information she put in her book. She stated that you and your husband can choose his career plan that improve your chances of meeting family needs and goals, such as relocating to specific bases (whether its back home to your family or a spot in Hawaii) or limiting how often your service member is required to deploy. She also said that his career plan will determine the type of job he’ll have when he leaves the service which he will do no matter how often he wears his boots to bed. Also as fun as playing with stuff in the field is; is that infantrymen will not be able to find a variety of civilian jobs once they are no longer in the service and may have to settle for security or law enforcement. This is also the lady who referred to the traditions and abbreviations our husbands use on a daily basis as ‘really stupid acronyms and jargon’.
Well, where do I start with all of THAT? ARGHHHHHH!!! OHHH GOODNESS!!!! First of all, the official definition of a Career Planner for the Marine Corps is that he’s under the directive of the CO of the unit and must be familiar with Marine Corps provisions, associated orders, publications, and directives. As well as they are responsible for accurate completion of all forms pertinent to career planning, to include the reenlisted contract (DD Form 4), Selective Reenlisted Bonus Program (SRBP) forms, the career planning contact record, extension agreement and appropriate Service Record Book (SRB) page 11 entries. He isn’t a miracle worker, he doesn’t answer to your husband and have to do what your husband says. There is no way to determine by any job whether your Marine is going to deploy or not. If he works as a postal or law clerk he pay not deploy as much as a grunt unit but he will eventually deploy. I would never say that your Marine isn’t going to deploy if he does any particular MOS because first and foremost they are all Marines so if they need the men they will take them.
Why would she say that they all leave the Marine Corps? So many Marines have come through and done 20, 30 and many moons ago even 50 years so don’t tell my husband that he’ll eventually get out because ‘they all do’! That’s CRAP! The old man of the Marine Corps who died while still in the Marine Corps at more than 70 years old would roll over in his grave hearing that ridiculousness! I am wondering if her husband was a grunt and wasn’t able to find employment after he got out or if her comments were just hear say and she needed to fill space in her book.
I was completely flabbergasted and kind of pissed off to read her book! Thank goodness it was only for informational purposes only. I don’t understand how she could say that the grunts aren’t able to find work in the civilian world if they choose to get out. Firstly these Marines take countless classes on everything from second languages and intelligence training to financial management so this information and knowledge could lead them anywhere. Not all who get out of the service intend to find work right away and have the option of going to school to better themselves and their employment options are only limited to their imagination! They could teach, instruct others in martial arts or weaponry, they could test weapons and equipment for the government, there are too many programs to mention that work with the military that they could apply for, ect. So come on now be for real and don’t rag on a specific MOS that you apparently aren’t completely involved in or are aware of. I took that one personal! Sorry, I think I am done venting and sticking up for those men and women who may or may not have known about this book and its inaccuracies!
My hope and prayer is to put out more clearly defined information which helps everyone that has anything to do with the Marine Corps a better understanding of why our lives are the way they are. As the Marine Corps have proved time and time again this organization is unique and is set apart from all the rest. So our traditions, views, organizations and ways of life are just as different. We are proud, patriotic, close knit and take care of our own at all costs. I’m off to go and do some more research!

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