A Marine Christmas Poem

—by me 🙂 a little silly, a little serious..
Tis’ the time of year yet once again
When we soon gather our family and friends
To round the tree with laughter and hugs
And to wish this season never ends
Please this Christmas if you will
Say a prayer and have a silent moment
For the men and women in harm’s way, who are injured and the fallen
And also for their families who stand by their hero’s and always will
We all are a proud breed and never ask for much
Yet our men are out there fighting so that you can Christmas shop and such
So please be patient these days with those you zoom past
For their husbands and sons maybe in places civilians can’t imagine where their lives pass before them very fast
All these men serve and sacrifice without hesitation
With pride, dignity and a very humble obligation
To the citizens of the United States
I care not your political stance;
Just know that we all owe these people admiration so very great in advance
After getting on that plane many of these men and women may not be coming back home…
So love a little stronger to your family this time of year
Since some Marine wives and moms are very much feeling all alone and wish not for presents only for their Marine’s voices to hear…
So this Marine Corps Christmas I think of the guys in the sandbox Grunts and all
I want to wish them a Merry Christmas and good night
I wish for many secure and humorous moments and a watchful eye from the man on their left and right
Be aware Marines but even more important be accurate and observant
And when the time comes I wish them sweet respite and a care package from home and many long lost ‘cousins’…
For the fallen Marines who have gone to be with the angels in Heaven
Their story is of heroic tales Americans should always remember
We all owe a lot to each and every Hero
So the least we can do is show our support and pride
Through this devastating 2010, during 2011 and on and especially every 25th of December.

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