Time marches on….

I can’t help but be a little sad at this time of year. So much change is going on. Some is very good and some is just typical change and it may be good for that family but it’s just once again the Marine Corps way of life. It’s always changing and evolving.
We aren’t going home for Christmas to see our families. It’s simply too hectic, stressful and a lot to have to handle in such a short amount of time.  We do get to see our Marine Corps family which is always awesome!
We recently attended a Christmas party at a local country club honoring Marine Corps families which was very inspiring and emotional. We realize most Americans care about and support our men but seeing it firsthand is always heartwarming and brings tears to my eyes every time. The unit Christmas Party and my friend’s unit Christmas parties were fun! It’s always great to see friends and coworkers we haven’t seen in a quite a while. My friend’s Air Wing Holiday party was absolutely amazing! The beautifully decorated hanger bay with the helicopters all around, kids’ bouncy, toys everywhere and all the different stations for people to do arts and crafts at was perfect! We loved it all!
On my birthday last weekend we threw a Christmas Party and played the White Elephant/Yankee Swap game among others. It was fun and we found out a lot about each other that night! LOL! The San Miguel’s brought games for all of us to play and it was hilarious! I swear we had almost every dessert known to man over here. If I see any more cookie dough in the near future it will be too soon. The pasta and the gumbo were great! I always make too much and even after giving away a lot of cookies we still have a lot at our house! LOL!
So here’s the latest on everyone out here. The good news first is that some of our closest friends the Doyle’s are proud owners of a house and new puppy! We helped them move so we’d know how to get to their house in case they cook dinner or throw a party! LOL! Jk. Thankfully the house isn’t too far away from Camp Pendleton so we can visit often and it is amazing and suits them perfectly! I really do love it and so does Anthony apparently he already picked out a sitting spot on the porch!
The Norris’ have been through a lot of trials and tribulations to say the least here in the past few weeks and I think they are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. There are so many changes that have happened to them and so many more coming up but we just have to roll with the punches. We never know a lot of things that the Marine Corps has in store for us so a lot of things are ‘go with the flow’. This is the sum of their and our life right now and it can be discouraging at times. We have no real control of how our outcome will turn out and even though we want to stay in the Marine Corps may have a different view of our situation.
We went to four different doctor appointments on Monday alone. It has been pretty crazy around here. We may be getting a new brace very soon and going through surgery. If any nerve surgery is going to work we need to do it in the next 8 weeks or so. We are just trying to get transferred to a Wounded Warrior unit who specializes in our situations and recovery which has taken longer than expected. We also need a lot of very important paperwork turned in and situated since its all on a very short time limit so that is pressing right now. If it isn’t one thing it’s another right? On a positive note; Anthony’s foot is twitching when he tries to move it! We didn’t know if that was going to happen before the surgery but it has! YEAH!
To top off all the craziness some of our family is moving! The San Miguel’s are moving in just a few hours and we don’t know what to do with ourselves. We didn’t think it was going to bother us and their moving on is just something that we take and deal with like anything else in the Marine Corps. It has bothered us though and we are bummed. Their moving will affect and change almost everything we do around here. We support each other in every way possible not only because the husbands were pretty close friends at work but we genuinely all love hanging out with each other. When Cody had football games or Jackie wanted to have us over or anything; we’d be there. If Anthony had an awards ceremony, when he came home from Afghanistan, when I needed him to coach the wives football team or if any of us needed anything we would all be there to support each other. It’s very sad to see friends go and they are both two very special people to us. They’ve always been there and we always will be as well. We’ll see if I cry my eyes out on Friday when we go see them off. I told Cody today; what are we going to do without Jackie’s jokes and hilarious statements she doesn’t realize are hilarious until after she’s said them?! It won’t be the same around here without them but we’ll always have a room for them if they want to ever make the trip to SoCal to visit! They are both going to be missed greatly!


  Merry Christmas ya’ll!

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