change in momentum…

Goodness I didn’t realize it had been nearly a month since my last post. Shame on me! I was distracted by amazingly addicting Girl Scout cookies and then booth sales.  I think I am still clinging onto a little bitterness after my last mini-vaca from Hell but baby steps right?!
So I am at this point now where there is a shift of momentum. I am not 100% of whether it’s a down or up shift but it’s definitely a shift. Either way I’ll find something to occupy my time but the thing with our lives is that they always are changing and schedules always get rescheduled so it’s just a balancing act. This happens from time to time in between the men’s enlistments or lat moves. Either its a getting over the old command going to the new command, adjusting to the new command and spouses, not wanting to let go of everything back then, fear of change, lack of control, losing friends and starting over to gain new ones, adapting to new surroundings for yourself and children…the list goes on and on in the Marine Corps lifestyle.
It seems as if all my friends are moving (PCS’ing or got out completely), moving away or taking a huge step in their lives. My new friends are doing the same so that is not ideal and pretty sad to meet more outstanding women and then realize they wont be here very long. 
To top it off even though there’s an upcoming deployment I don’t really partake in my unofficial “job” anymore due to unforeseen circumstances which I shall not mention until absolutely necessary so for now I will plead the 5th. Anthony’s doctor appointments are slowing down quite a bit and he’s just working out to the best of his ability so he can try to do a PFT and CFT in hopes the therapist will clear him for full duty again.
Maybe I’m just plain bored. I want to find a better way to give back I want to help wives and moms and anyone who’ll listen about advice on what to do, what not to do and how to prevent a lot of stress and heartache before, during and after not just Afghanistan but deployments in general. I believe being knowledgeable is half the battle. A few friends of mine are in the same boat so hopefully they’ll start blogging with me too to give a different insight into their lives.
This is all such a different road than Anthony and I were on just a few short months ago and it’s an adjustment phase but it will be like that for the next few months I suppose. So I’ll do what I do best I guess and adapt and develop a new routine. Walk the dogs in the morning, pick up after the kids and clean, surf the web a bit, watch stuff on DVR and when the kids get home then they’ll be homework time, dinner, baths and bed. It won’t always go as smoothly as written but I’m hopeful for some cookie cutter days for my sanity. Girl Scouts, Summer Camps, beach days and trips to Texas with everyone including our dogs will keep me going during the summer but what else? Any ideas? Hmmm…Volunteer, go to support groups, garden more, write more, online shop, fish more, watch more Bravo (Real Housewives…)or TLC (Cake Boss, My strange addiction, fatal attractions, Sister Wives..) or Travel shows like Anthony Bourdain’s No reservations & Andrew Zimmerman’s food show..hmmm…lol yep I’m addicted already!!!
What I do know is I need to venture out of my comfort zone more and get out of my shell. Go to more places, see more things, experience San Diego and all it has to offer than just this base. Even though I would like to show the kids a more patriotic side to our family with the Wreath Laying at holidays and MCRD Graduation ceremonies.  We really need to see Catalina Island, Coronado Island, as well as the Man vs. Food places here and Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles in Long Beach…lol. Anyone want to come with us?! Crap just forgot I gotta get on this California Mission project due…
Adapt and overcome ladies…cherish the little things and remember your friends along the bumpy and unknown road ahead..

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