response to the comments from Marine Parent Support Group…

“I don’t know if the parents can see the comment and get my response so I’ll put it on here as well…”
I don’t know why these comments didnt come to my BB so I’m kind of sad.

Thank you so much for allowing us to come and speak at your meeting. We had so much fun and never knew it would be such an eye opening and heartwarming experience that would push us to try and help out more. I’m amazed and inspired by all of the family members everyday but even more so by the parents for being so brave and courageous despite the distance from their Marine’s base and still being involved in one way or another.

These FRO’s jobs are specifically to inform you and have you ‘ready’ for deployments, trainings and anything that should come your way. They are your ‘chain of command’ when you need something answered and your Marine isn’t around. They regularly have events such as get togethers, blogs, Facebook pages for the battalion, Seminars, classes, ect that don’t necessarily need to be attended. Alot of them are geared towards just wives but you are encouraged to attend or even volunteer to help out. So please ask for notes from meetings, information to be passed via secured email, hotline, facebook page, ect. The more you know ahead of time whether or not you need it in the future will establish that relationship and bond early on. If you don’t need it and move on to another FRO in another battalion you can take that invaluable knowledge and information as to how you like to be included, informed and involved.

*Also please be aware that some of these battalions are trying more and more to include parents so inquire as to whether there is a “Parent Advisor” available. He/She is there specifically for parents and corresponds via Facebook, Email and phone to organize get togethers before homecomings, coffee meetings, informative notes, ect.

Stay strong ladies and we are always here for you if there are ever any questions, comments, or concerns. Nothing is ever too silly, simple, or small to not know about when it comes to your Marine and the Marine Corps so advocate for them and your family.

We do plan on coming back to speak to your group again and to the MarineParents group that Angie is associated with. We loved speaking to you all and hope to start a group here for the parents in Southern California area as well as in our hometown of Houston, Texas.

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