Like most of you I saw a status going around facebook recently about the mayor of NYC not inviting his cities finest first responders to their 9/11 ceremony but didn’t really believe it until the other day.  Holy crap was I wrong!  It just rubbed me the wrong way and I can’t believe that this was an issue during a supposedly humble time of remembrance and unity.
Sitting in the emergency room with my daughter waiting on x-rays for a broken finger from a downhill skateboarding incident; the Bill O’Reilly show was on with Geraldo Rivera as a co-host.  They were doing a segment about Mayor Bloomberg’s justification for not inviting people to the official 9/11 memorial and dedication ceremony.  I found myself agreeing with O’Reilly since Bloomberg’s standpoint was ridiculous in saying that there’s no way to decipher which clergy, firemen and policemen would he invite if he had even extended the offer.  O’Reilly stated that basically out of respect and honor for the event and purposes for the ceremony itself that he should have invited some rather than none at all. 
These nameless faces are doing outstanding work day in andday out and the Mayor expects them to do those jobs but when it comes time to be graceful and show honor and appreciation for saving those that could be saved on that fateful day those nameless faces are slapped.  Interesting to ponder and maybe even compare to today’s military perspective in regards to this war.  The show was all jaw dropping to say the least.  I just cannot believe that there are people who would intentionally disregard the influence and presence of people whose main job is to be ready, open and available for the people.  Mayor Bloomberg I think you had a pretty sorry excuse and it was just a cop out.  Maybe you didn’t realize the real meaning of that ceremony and what it represents maybe you’ve become out of touch with that meaning.  I think maybe he shouldn’t have been invited to the ceremony and the Mayor at the time should have been the only one allowed to attend since he was so concerned with space and priority.  It’s like saying the Marines who were on the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan are good at their jobs but really only a few are outstanding and we’ll have a huge gathering to give accolades and credit to only those who got press time and met the President. 
Either way the city is rebuilding at ground zero and so is the nation as a whole but to this day our men and women are out there laying their lives on the line for people who may or may not appreciate or understand it.  Politicians with absolutely no military experience or ties and the average clueless civilian expect and demand protection from this great nation but do they comprehend the impact on the service members and the loved ones who are by their side?  Do they understand what we go through physically, emotionally and mentally day in and out to keep sane for our Marines so that this country maintains its security?  My hope is that our nation does realize and sheds a tear for those innocent lives lost just by going to work one morning and for those wanting nothing more than to help the ones in trouble as well as those who fought and continue to fight for vengeance and reconcile to those lives lost.  Like cowards the terrorists like to hit people when they’re not looking.  Those civilians had no clue they were going into battle when they woke up that beautiful morning in NYC but the military sure as hell brought them a battle not too long after that; hell they asked for it. 
The phrase “adapt and overcome” can be used in many contexts and I think it applies here.  We’ve learned our lesson about having our guard down and have adapted and overcome in an attempt to make this country stronger and more efficient in the last 10 years.  Those who’ve tried to test us haven’t had their satisfaction and have seen the wrath of Old Glory herself.  Today think of those lives lost and who aren’t able to kiss their spouses, mothers and children ever again.  Today think of the families left behind to keep the lost ones’ memories alive and live on to care for their loved ones.  Honor and remember those who selflessly and willingly volunteered to help that fateful day and went unknowingly but selflessly running towards their death without hesitation.  And finally remember those who lost their lived since the beginning of this war and those who continue to fight with their lives for us and our freedom everyday in the sandbox. 
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all.
God Bless America!  Thank God for the military and especially the Marine Corps!

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