Zumba with Gaby…

Holy cow batman!  Went to Zumba with Gaby tonight for the first time ever.
We first walk by the room and see about 6 rows of skinny girls r’ us and kept on walking.  We debated for a moment, weighed the pros and cons then decided to just check it out anyways.  We’d been procrastinating this class for months now and had finally made our way to the parking lot so we had to at least pop in.  We could’ve always left if we started hyperventilating or one of us passed out right?  We noticed so many people in the room they had to move equipment to cram us all in.  There tons of water bottles (as we soon would find out we NEED and now know for the next time) as we meekly made our way to the back of the room thinking we had gone insane to try this and one of us surely would faint before the night was over.  That room was intimidating at first because of the sheer numbers but also the hard core Zumba people are in the front glaring at folks walking in while stretching in preparation to burn burn burn those calories away.  Gaby and I are back of the room work out folks thank you very much.
Zumba is not what you see on television.  Okay well maybe a bit with the crazed gym rat size 0 instructor in the front trying to motivate everyone to contort their bodies in shapes we haven’t done in years all the while urging us to ‘work it out’.  After literally 20 minutes I was thinking, ‘um yeah I’m going to work my butt off in a hot tub with some Epsom salt and Icy/Hot afterwards and maybe a heating pad for good measure!’ I have 2 kids and feel too old to do dance routines from my youth days of drill team.  That young lady was determined to make us sweat though come hell or high water.
Oh let me backtrack.  This is a Marine Corps gym on base here so what I found HILARIOUS was that there were a number of gentlemen in this class & they shook their money makers like she did when the time called for it.  Oh man these guys who were in the back of the room with us made this class worthwhile.  They were very young and sweet but it was amazing to see guys doing the same moves this instructor lady was doing and the guys kept up with her and on beat.  Apparently Gaby & I had been missing out on this craze called Zumba because everyone is into it.
Gone are the times of Bunco, Bingo, bowling or a gentle stroll down your block with the one you love.  Couples go to Zumba in 2011!  We’ll definitely go again and maybe even take the husbands along with us to share in the fun with the rest of us.

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