Welcome to PCSing (Military Press follow up blog)

When you’re far away from your ‘home’ and don’t know your way around, best places to visit, eat or frequent you can look at this situation either as a nuisance and wallow in the house all day or an adventure. For me I did the first when I PCS’d to the Golden State but then I slowly realized I shouldn’t waste my time in a new place. Mainly I was lonely and disconnected from my surroundings. We’d just moved and Anthony was going on sea trials and work ups away from home for weeks at a time. The kids had school to preoccupy their time and instead of me embracing my quiet time I resented it. So we bought a dog. LOL!

Wyatt Earp

Cutie pie Wyatt Earp was on the morning news broadcast and even though he was a mutt and in a shelter I couldn’t put a price on him. My husband did when he about fainted from the $400 pricetag but I instantly loved him. Wyatt was my world for the longest and then all it took was one Family Readiness Meeting to get me hyped up for the volunteering that was to come. I dove right into the event planning, meetings, training classes, organizing and being an ear to the ground to speak for the families. My FRO was fearless and motivating, she was passionate and outgoing which was just what I needed but didn’t know it at the time. She showed me a lot of what she knew about the Marine Corps & the wife lifestyle. Through her and the other ladies I got to network with within the years since being here I now realize what I have been missing out on.

I didn’t really know that California’s had some of the most beautiful beaches you’ll ever see. Or that you can go to the beach, snow and desert all in one day. There are more things to do outside than probably any other state like kayak in La Jolla Caves, scuba dive, paddleboard, visit islands, take the trains, mountain bike in Lake Tahoe, sky dive, hot air balloon, walk, hike, sun bathe, surf and boogie board just to name a few. Below are some of my new friends who I didn’t go looking for per se but found me or have helped me acclimate to this crazy military life.
Big Bear Lake
Through trial and error (error being Onyx-Paul Mitchell base salon made me look like Dora the Explorer) I found my favorite hair stylist Jessica who lives on Camp Pendleton (& you can find her on FB under Hair by Jessica) & has a sweet Southern disposition and is simply amazing. I would rather go to her to wash and style my hair than to do it myself she’s so reasonable. Everyone knows that stylists can see better in the back than we can when we’re doing our hair. I can’t say enough about her and her attention to detail. If there’s an issue with your style from someone else or otherwise she’s always ready and willing to resolve the issue for you.

Nate is another amazing person we unexpectedly met when looking for a new vehicle. For those of you who doubt me check out Jimmy Johnson Chevrolet because he and the rest of the team went the extra mile to assure our satisfaction with our new buy. He was around our age so it didn’t seem as if he was ‘selling us’ something and it wasn’t such a stiff transaction. We didn’t have us sit in there for 24 straight hours bored to tears and we appreciated his honestly and professionalism. I do know where I’ll be going to purchase from now on.

Ashlyn Strempel I met while going through the L.E.S.(Leadership Education Seminar) she was a quiet, think before you speak type of lady and we hit it off pretty quickly when we both volunteered to be involved with the organization that following seminar. I’ve learned alot about her and know that her knowledge and skills are the most current and proficient than any other realtor around. Military folks looking to use their VA home loans she’s the person who has the latest training for the newest information and laws that will help you understand your benefits and rights as a consumer. Not only is she a really good friend of mine that I would vouch for any day of the week but she’s always been the kind of person who stands by her word which is a huge asset in her line of work. For those looking for the best home locations in and around the Southern California areas check her out. http://www.ashlynrosehomes-properties.com/

Never again will I sell myself short on my surroundings and I encourage you all to get out there, make some mistakes and seize the day, get lost and have fun finding your way back home. Learn something new about the Marine Corps or your new city every chance you get and take LOTS of pictures! 🙂


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