Simple Cooking Goddess 101

No one is Julia Childs not even Martha Stewart, Rachel & Paula Deen put together.  I don’t think I’ve ever met a June Cleaver in all aspects of being a housewife in this day in age.

So first thing is first; don’t overwhelm yourself with images of what you think should be the perfect housewife, working or housewife, mother, leader, nurse, taxi driver, schedule keeper, professional baker, culinary chef, expert dust buster all the while shampooing carpets and sowing seeds for that new eco-friendly veggie garden in your back patio.  It’s not reality.  Life happens, you get busy and bugs eat the damn tomatoes.

My philosphy is keep it simple when it comes to keeping up with the house & maintaning well rounded and fed family.

Oh & I try to include everyone in cooking too.  A sous chef aka my husband will save me tons of time in prep work if he cuts up an onion, tomato and preps plates while I take stuff out of the oven.  The kids do salads, make the table, bring out condiments & make drinks as needed.

For instance, want to have one of many awesomely simple recipes I use regularly?

Make Chicken Cobb Pasta!

Bake cherry tomatoes that you salt & pepper in 2 turns of EVOO for 20 minutes on 350*.

At the same time boil water & cook al dente pasta.  Bake or pan cook 6 pieces of bacon, drain & crumble.  (Get pre-cooked fajita chicken) Cook chicken through & cut into smaller bite size pieces if you want. Chop up some scallions (green onions).

In a large bowl, throw in the onions, crumbled bacon, a package of blue cheese, a cup or more of the pasta water, softened cherry tomatoes & mash together.  Drain the pasta, add to the large bowl, add your chicken & stir together.

You can add avocado, lemon juice & more bacon crumbles to top if you’d like.


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