I swear I wasn’t stealing!

I was set up!

We all went into the Dollar Store together & came out. Of course as soon as I got to the car someone had forgotten that we needed something.

There I go unwillingly but spot those always present fake bouquet of flowers on the way in grab a bunch and go inside the store.

Grab my other stuff and notice while in the checkout like it was a bit thin and spotted missing buds. The cashier politely says, “ma’am you can just get another one.”

I walk out look through the various flowers, cock my head to one side halfway satisfied at my choice and stick in it my plastic bag.

Immediately I feel eyes on me and feel a bit awkward because I realize I just stashed flowers in my bag from the outside. I should be walking slightly faster than normal. I had my receipt but felt like I’d been spotted in one of those “what would you do shows”.

For some reason when there were NO people going into the store there were half a dozen on the way out. It’s late why aren’t these prying eyed judging people at home?! I swear I wasn’t stealing!

I get back to the safe haven of my car. My fears were confirmed and laughter erupts inside as my family had been watching my every move. I literally produce the receipt thankful I took it not knowing I’d need to show to the jury. :/

Not nice family. Moral of the story: Next time make Anthony go back inside and be secretly accused of stealing.

If anyone wants an old man and two pre-teen girls they all can cook and clean.


2 thoughts on “I swear I wasn’t stealing!

  1. I can picture you gripping your plastic flowers and hurrying back to the car after your dollar store shoplifting spree!

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